The Saracens Need You!

Hello Saracens,

Hope everyone and their families are doing well.

As everyone knows, our rugby season has been postponed, probably until the Fall. Unfortunately, our costs have not, and we have several bills to pay. Our Executive has reworked the budget and eliminated most of our costs but there are some that are unavoidable. The largest of these is for Fletchers Fields: we will actually need to spend more money on Fletchers this year because income from sponsorships, gate money and bar sales will be significantly reduced, and the shortfall must be made up by the owner clubs. The Saracens must pay these bills or we will lose our ability to influence the potential sale of the property. We estimate that our expenses this year will be about $18,000, mostly to Fletchers.

The Saracens income comes from dues, social events and sponsorships.  April is the month when we normally pay our dues to the club.  This allows the Saracens to have funds available to pay for upcoming expenses.  This year is no exception: the Saracens need your support this month.

Our Executive has come up with a plan that we can all work with:Dues will be split into two payments.
The first payment of $60 is due now and will help us pay our bills.
The second payment is the balance of the regular dues amount ($415 for senior players) and is payable before you play your first game.
If the season is cancelled, the second payment will be waived.
If our season is really short, the second payment will be reduced from the regular amount.
Saracens who make the first payment will be considered ‘paid in full’ until the second payment is due.
Point 6 above is very important. The Saracens have called an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to discuss and vote on the proposal to sell Fletcher’s Fields. If you are a member in good standing, you will be able to attend and vote on this issue. 

I ask that you all renew your membership in the Saracens by sending $60 via e-transfer to with a password of ‘saracens’. This will help us out in a difficult year and give you a say in the future of our club.

Natalie Tam
Vice President, Finance
Toronto Saracens Rugby Club  

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