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Dear Saracens,

I hope you are all safe and well and ready to make some decisions!

You will all know by now that we are holding an extraordinary general meeting to discuss Fletcher’s Fields.  We have sent out e-mails to over 600 people who are members or have been members of the Saracens over the past few decades.  If you know someone who did not receive the official notice for this meeting, please ask them to e-mail their contact details to our Recruitment Director, Sara Canini, at

Unfortunately, we cannot be together in person so our meeting will be held on Zoom at 7:30pm on Wednesday 13th May.  The meeting will consist of several short presentations by members of the club, followed by a period for questions and then a vote.  The votes will be counted and the results announced at the end of the meeting.  The Saracens executive and board, and members of our team searching for a new home, are working on preparing the material that will be presented at the meeting.  The executive will meet on Wednesday of this week to finalise the agenda and we will send out the details by Friday 1st May.  These details will include the agenda, the speakers, the motion(s) to be voted on, financial information about Fletcher’s Fields and other documentation you can review prior to the meeting. 

The outcome of the meeting will have an enormous impact on our club.  We have called Fletcher’s home for decades and we need to carefully consider our options and the ramifications of any decisions we make.  Whichever way we vote, there will be big changes. 

We need as many Saracens as possible to be involved in this meeting, to learn about how we came to this point, to understand our options going forward, and to vote on the future of our club.  If you are not a member already, please apply today.  The last date we can accept applications is 6th May.  We are following the Saracens Constitution very closely to make sure we do everything right! 
We need a week before the meeting to verify contact details, obtain executive approval, send out a confirmation e-mail and add the member to our invitation list for the meeting and to our distribution list for voting.  This will ensure our meeting and the voting goes smoothly.  You can join our club directly by clicking on the link below or you can join TSAF, our alumni association, who will forward your application.  Membership will give you access to all the material, a voice at the meeting and a vote on our future.  Please act today!  Join us in building a better club for everyone. 

Kind Regards,
Steve Townend

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