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V-AGM 2021

The Toronto Saracens Annual General Meeting 2021, will take place on March 15, 2021 at 6:30pm EST.  The details for the online Zoom meeting will be sent to Members in advance of the meeting. Keep a lookout on your emails members! Reminder that you must send in your proxies (if applicable) 7 days in advance via email. Additional details found in the calendar. See ye there!

EGM 2020

Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on Wednesday May 13th, 2020 at 7:30pm EST via Zoom, we will discuss important details regarding our clubs future. Further details can be found here at:

Ensure you are a member in good standing so your voice is heard. Details on how to assure your position in the club this season can be found here:

Should you have any questions, you can email Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Join us at the EGM

Dear Saracens,

I hope you are all safe and well and ready to make some decisions!

You will all know by now that we are holding an extraordinary general meeting to discuss Fletcher’s Fields.  We have sent out e-mails to over 600 people who are members or have been members of the Saracens over the past few decades.  If you know someone who did not receive the official notice for this meeting, please ask them to e-mail their contact details to our Recruitment Director, Sara Canini, at

Unfortunately, we cannot be together in person so our meeting will be held on Zoom at 7:30pm on Wednesday 13th May.  The meeting will consist of several short presentations by members of the club, followed by a period for questions and then a vote.  The votes will be counted and the results announced at the end of the meeting.  The Saracens executive and board, and members of our team searching for a new home, are working on preparing the material that will be presented at the meeting.  The executive will meet on Wednesday of this week to finalise the agenda and we will send out the details by Friday 1st May.  These details will include the agenda, the speakers, the motion(s) to be voted on, financial information about Fletcher’s Fields and other documentation you can review prior to the meeting. 

The outcome of the meeting will have an enormous impact on our club.  We have called Fletcher’s home for decades and we need to carefully consider our options and the ramifications of any decisions we make.  Whichever way we vote, there will be big changes. 

We need as many Saracens as possible to be involved in this meeting, to learn about how we came to this point, to understand our options going forward, and to vote on the future of our club.  If you are not a member already, please apply today.  The last date we can accept applications is 6th May.  We are following the Saracens Constitution very closely to make sure we do everything right! 
We need a week before the meeting to verify contact details, obtain executive approval, send out a confirmation e-mail and add the member to our invitation list for the meeting and to our distribution list for voting.  This will ensure our meeting and the voting goes smoothly.  You can join our club directly by clicking on the link below or you can join TSAF, our alumni association, who will forward your application.  Membership will give you access to all the material, a voice at the meeting and a vote on our future.  Please act today!  Join us in building a better club for everyone. 

Kind Regards,
Steve Townend

The Saracens Need You!

Hello Saracens,

Hope everyone and their families are doing well.

As everyone knows, our rugby season has been postponed, probably until the Fall. Unfortunately, our costs have not, and we have several bills to pay. Our Executive has reworked the budget and eliminated most of our costs but there are some that are unavoidable. The largest of these is for Fletchers Fields: we will actually need to spend more money on Fletchers this year because income from sponsorships, gate money and bar sales will be significantly reduced, and the shortfall must be made up by the owner clubs. The Saracens must pay these bills or we will lose our ability to influence the potential sale of the property. We estimate that our expenses this year will be about $18,000, mostly to Fletchers.

The Saracens income comes from dues, social events and sponsorships.  April is the month when we normally pay our dues to the club.  This allows the Saracens to have funds available to pay for upcoming expenses.  This year is no exception: the Saracens need your support this month.

Our Executive has come up with a plan that we can all work with:Dues will be split into two payments.
The first payment of $60 is due now and will help us pay our bills.
The second payment is the balance of the regular dues amount ($415 for senior players) and is payable before you play your first game.
If the season is cancelled, the second payment will be waived.
If our season is really short, the second payment will be reduced from the regular amount.
Saracens who make the first payment will be considered ‘paid in full’ until the second payment is due.
Point 6 above is very important. The Saracens have called an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) to discuss and vote on the proposal to sell Fletcher’s Fields. If you are a member in good standing, you will be able to attend and vote on this issue. 

I ask that you all renew your membership in the Saracens by sending $60 via e-transfer to with a password of ‘saracens’. This will help us out in a difficult year and give you a say in the future of our club.

Natalie Tam
Vice President, Finance
Toronto Saracens Rugby Club  

Keenan Playoffs Schedule

Toronto Saracens Mens 1s heading into Keenan Finals

Keenan 1s Playoff Structure

EAST Saracens, Buccaneers, Pigs
WEST Yeoman, Dragons, Beavers

Saracens v. Buccaneers
Dragons v. Beavers
Pigs and Yeoman BYE weekend

Pigs v. (Saracens/Buccaneers)
Yeoman v. (Dragons/Beavers)

Cup Final Winners of East v. Winners of West

Saracens Women Third Best in CANADA

Toronto Saracens Women competed in the first ever Canadian Rugby Club Championship (CRCC) held for women this long August weekend. Taking a loss in the first round to Quebec City on Friday August 2nd, got the Saracens women in gear for the bronze title on Sunday August 4th as they played hard, tremendous rugby against P.E.I. and acquired the bronze medal, officially making them 3rd best in the country! A major milestone for our Saracens women as they head into the OWL semi-finals this following weekend (Aug 10th) to defend their Ontario championship for the third year in a row.

OWL Finals Breakdown

Toronto Saracens Womens 1s heading into OWL finals as league winners!

OWL Playoff Structure
EAST Saracens, Redcoats, Nomads
WEST Harlequins, Barbarians, Wasps

JULY 27 
OWL 1 Bye 
OWL 2 No games

AUG 10 
OWL 1 Semi Final v. Redcoats
OWL 2 Semi Final v. Aurora Barbarians 

AUG 17 
OWL 1 Cup Final (winners of East & West Semi Final) 
OWL 2 Cup Final (winners of Semi Final)

Creds: Petra Woods

A huge THANK YOU to the Toronto Arrows for supporting Toronto Saracens Women entry in the upcoming Canadian Rugby Club Championship (CRCC)

The Toronto Saracens wish to thank Bill Webb and the Toronto Arrows for their very generous support and assistance provided to the Saracens Women in their quest to compete in the national women’s club competition. This August’s tournament is the first ever set of final games to determine the top women’s club rugby squad in Canada, as part of the annual Canadian Rugby Club Championship (CRCC).

The Saracens qualified for the CRCC tournament by winning the Ontario Women’s League in 2018 (Saracens have won the league in 2017, 2018, and 2019 and have been Rugby Ontario Cup Champions in 2017 and 2018)

Toronto Saracens President, Pooya Jalali, mentioned that “the Saracens Women teams have been very strong competitors over the past 3 years. This is a testament to the athletes and coaches efforts to build a long-standing successful club here in Ontario. In creating this competition, the organization of the CRCC is certainly helping to build the grass roots of rugby here in Canada and helping to showcase some of the talent available locally throughout Canada! We are very fortunate that the Toronto Arrows have assisted the Saracen Women’s entry into this historical first ever Women’s national club competition and we’re doubly fortunate that this opportunity lands on our 65th anniversary as a rugby club in Ontario! This generosity certainly illustrates the Arrows commitment to both supporting the rugby community as well to help grow the game.”

Games will be played on Aug 2 & 4, 2019, at Fletchers Fields, in Markham, and will feature the top 4 clubs in Canada: Capilanos RFC (BC), Charlottetown RFC (PEI), Club de Rugby de Québec (QC), and Toronto Saracens RFC (ON).