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Club Executives
President – Pooya Jalali
VP Finance – Natalie Tam
VP Administration – Kelly McGuinness
Club Captain Men – Chris Swain
Club Captain Women – Petra Woods
Director of Funding – Geoff Howes
Fixtures Coordinator – Aaron Howes
Fletcher’s Field Director – Oliver Mason
Director of Recruitment – Rooie (M) and Fedelia Omoghan (W)
Equipment Manager – Sarah Galati
Social Convenors – Leonard Ivey (M) and Megan Pakulis (W) 
Junior Development Officer – Petra Woods (W) and Tinashe Mafuse (M)

Board of Directors
Steve Townsend                                           Natalie Tam
Peter Hadas                                                   Pooya Jalali
Kelly McGuinness                                        Alex Falconer
Zoriana Workun