Coaching (Men’s)

This year Toronto Saracens are excited to announce an amazing coaching staff for the men’s side:

  • Rob Brohman (Head Coach) – Click Here for Rob’s coaching CV
  • Roo Ash            (Assistant Coach)
  • Mike Bowman (Assistant Coach)
  • Ken Darch       (Assistant Coach)

Coach’s Comment on Upcoming 2018 Season

The Toronto Saracens 2018 season holds a great deal of potential. I am excited to work with a talented coaching staff which includes, Ken Darch, Roo Ash, Alex Runciman, Patrick Maulson Mike Bowman and Colin Shaw. As a coaching staff, these is our Mission, Vision and Strategy.

Mission: As coaches we will develop tactics allowing our Saracens players and teams to play an expansive style of rugby, enabling them to have the skill sets to be successful at the highest club, representative provincial and national levels.

Vision: Saracens teams and players will be able to move the rugby ball by passing through the hands. All Saracens players will be comfortable handling the ball, at pace, in pre-contact, at the tackle point, and in space.

Strategy: The Saracens will improve our numbers to 40 registered players available on Saturdays with the ability to play expansive rugby as a result of focused training. Our senior men’s numbers will include 5 U – 18 players, and 10 new players under 25 years of age. The second team will continue to be a combination of veterans, former Marshall division players and youth progressing into Senior men’s rugby. When available, our provincial and national level players will be a strengthening of our First team, adding experience.


Robert Brohman
Toronto Saracens Head Coach