Coaching (Men’s)

This year Toronto Saracens are excited to announce an amazing coaching staff for the men’s side:

Coach’s Comment on Upcoming 2017 Season

The Toronto Saracens’ goal is to be in the Marshall division in four years.  This is an ambitious goal.  That said, we have done it before.

To achieve this goal, we need to take the first step to being successful.  The first step to success is to show up.

We need to show up as individuals.  This means to show up, physically fit, with your kit, your water, on time … ready for greatness.

We need to show up as a “pod”.  This season we will be using a pod system which will require us to work together as units.  We all must know the defined calls and roles.

We need to show up as a side.  The Second team is critical.  It provides the club with depth.  It provides a pathway for the Under 18’s to start playing men’s rugby.  The First team needs to show up to set the example.  The First team missed opportunities last season.  We had opportunities last season to score against Belleville, the Yeomen (first game), Bay Street and versus the Buccaneers, but did not score due to a lack of familiarity.  The talent, passion and effort were there, but not the familiarity of playing and training with each other to be successful.

The parts are here to reach the Marshall in four years.  Ken Darch has played in the Marshall.  He knows what it takes to be successful and, as anyone who knows Ken, is willing to pay the price to be successful.  Ed Sun has played in the Marshall.  He brings a different perspective to the game which will be a significant benefit to me and to the club.

I did some math.  We need to show up 60 times.  Three times a week.  Four weeks in a month.  A five-month season.  That adds up to 60 times were need to show up to be successful.


Robert Brohman

Toronto Saracens Coach