About Us

The Toronto Saracens RFC was established during the early 1950′s. It was formed from the sum of players branching out from the Toronto Irish, Nomads and Barbarians. All of those clubs had an overabundance of players at that time. Back then, the rugby games were played at High Park. After the games the team would visit the various local pubs in and around the area. It was there, in one of those establishments (not too sure which one), that the Toronto Saracens Rugby Football Club was conceived. The Toronto Saracens was initially formed in 1953, but formally established in 1954. Since then, the Saracens have won the Carling Cup twice (1959 and 1977), the Pony Bowl (1982) and the Old Vienna Cup (Marshall Trophy) (1983). We are one of the original investors in the “Home of Ontario Rugby” Fletchers’ Fields, which is our home field.

Club Executives
President – Pooya Jalali
VP Finance – Natalie Tam
VP Administration – Kelly McGuinness
Club Captain Men – Chris Swain
Club Captain Women – Petra Woods
Director of Funding – Geoff Howes
Fixtures Coordinator – Aaron Howes
Fletcher’s Field Director – Oliver Mason
Director of Recruitment – Rooie (M) and Fedelia Omoghan (W)
Equipment Manager – Sarah Galati
Social Convenors – Leonard Ivey (M) and Megan Pakulis (W) 
Junior Development Officer – Petra Woods (W) and Tinashe Mafuse (M)

Board of Directors
Steve Townsend                                           Natalie Tam
Peter Hadas                                                   Pooya Jalali
Kelly McGuinness                                        Alex Falconer
Zoriana Workun